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Therapies / Interventions

I outline here the many therapies that I use but these are two particular interventions to explore further... 


Mindfulness meditation can be incorporated as part of an integrative approach within counselling. Using guided imagery, calming music and sounds of nature can positively calm the nervous system and reduce stress, anxiety, depression and more. Mindfulness meditation can be especially important during emotionally overwhelming experiences, as it can help individuals maintain a sense of control.

Mindfulness based therapies might include breathing exercises and guided lessons to help you become aware of your body sensations, thoughts and feelings.


Creative Interventions

Using creative interventions can be useful when exploring emotions as it often can bypass the rational part of our brain. By using Russian (nesting) dolls stones, shells, art, sand tray therapy, play doh and letter writing (inner child work), clients can creatively explore their emotions, as well as thoughts and behaviours.

Creative interventions will not suit every client, but it can be helpful for some. Using mood cards and role play cards can also be a useful tool in individual work as well as exploring relationships in couples counselling.

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