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Internet Based Counselling

During the Covid pandemic, online counselling became a popular way of ‘doing’ therapy, giving clients the ability to still meet with their counsellor in a safe and confidential space. Online counselling continues to help clients from all walks of life and from around the world. For some, it saves on travel time, is more cost effective and can help clients feel safe and supported in their own home. I see clients online via a secure platform called Zoom, connected by a video link. I work with clients in Guernsey and can offer counselling online to clients from other countries with the same authenticity, non judging and ethical approach as with face to face counselling. An important part of counselling is to feel heard and understood and can help with many issues as with face to face counselling, such as anxiety, stress, depression, loss, abuse, self-esteem, relationship problems and more. Could online counselling work for you?

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